1. Tuesday, March 17th. St. Patrick's Day. Private Party! - Wednesday, March 18th. Fishermen's Village. - Sunday, March 22nd.
  2. While a bunch of Eagles fans were looting gas stations and eating horse manure to celebrate their team’s Super Bowl victory last night, the team itself was responding in a very different way.. Head coach Doug Pederson stood on the stage during the post-game celebration and loudly gave thanks to “my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Quarterback Nick Foles proclaimed “glory to God.
  3. A Man’s Life is Empty and Meaningless What is the source of true power to create, experience, and live? February 8, by Christopher Barnes Leave a Comment.
  4. Sep 20,  · BY KATE WALTER | There was no wall calendar hanging from the towel closet of our beach bungalow at the Jersey Shore. That was the first thing I noticed this spring. My mother always hung the customized one my niece gave her for Christmas in the same spot. It was personalized with family photos and [ ].
  5. I received this email from someone named “TB.” I very much related to his/her struggle, and I think you might, too: Matt, First off, thanks for your blog. In a world like this, as a Christian, it’s easy to wonder if there are any real allies out there. If I can believe anyone. If there [ ].
  6. EMositeCC "Due tomorrow, do tomorrow" K Watchers K Page Views Deviations. Profile Navigation. EMositeCC. About Home Gallery Favourites Posts Shop. Send Note. Watch. Empty Halls. 40 deviations. Q n A. 2 deviations. Ducktales. 27 deviations. Current folder: Empty Halls. Empty Halls Comments 2.
  7. Here is my podcast for this week. It expands on the piece I wrote earlier this week about the "transgender" situation up in Connecticut. If you didn't read the piece or see the story, here's the recap: a mustachioed, very boy-looking boy, who apparently has not made any attempt to even look like a girl, still identifies as a girl, and was able to c.
  8. Empty Halls. Full Track $ 34 A sad sentimental piano track perfect for film drama. Authors. Content provider: Ilya Kaplan. Composers: Ilya Kaplan (SOCAN), Stan Fomin (SOCAN) Classification. Styles: Piano. Moods.

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